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Delete, archive & restore a post
Delete, archive & restore a post

Find out how to restore a post that has been removed or archived

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We built an archive feature so that none of your posts will ever be deleted by mistake. We keep all of your content safely in our storage with 256-bit SSL encryption.Β 

If you need to delete a post, you can easily delete a post by archiving it, which will allow you to restore the post in case you deleted it by mistake.Β 

If you ever need to restore a post, here's how to do it. First, enable "archived" posts in your filtering menu.

Then locate the post in your feed, calendar, list or grid view and click "Restore".

Afterward, your post will be back in your live workspace πŸ‘‹ .

You can also permanently delete a post if you need to. Once a post is archived after you access it (using the filter & sort option), you can choose to permanently delete it as well:

Keep in mind, that if you choose this, you won't be able to recover the post.

Try it outπŸ‘‡

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