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YouTube Videos in Planable
YouTube Videos in Planable

Find out how to plan, schedule and publish your YouTube videos

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In Planable you can plan, preview, collaborate on, and schedule YouTube videos directly for your channel.

In your workspace, go to "Add pages" and select "YouTube". You'll be able to add all the channels you're the owner of.

Once you've set up your channel in Planable, you can start planning and collaborating on your videos.

Add videos from your computer or the Media Library.

You can also customize the following settings from Planable:

  • Privacy

  • Category

  • Playlist

  • License

  • Add Tags

  • Select if it's "Made for Kids"

Once you've uploaded your video, change its title and write a description. You can also trim the video or choose a thumbnail.

After all the details are set, you can schedule or publish the video directly to your channel.

Schedule your Youtube video ๐Ÿ‘‡

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