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How to use AI to create posts in Planable
How to use AI to create posts in Planable

Find out all the ways you can use AI when creating your posts

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When creating social media posts use AI to help with a boost of inspiration and ideas. Write new posts from scratch or rewrite your content for a boost of inspiration.

Here's how you can use AI in Planable.

Create new posts

After opening the composer, before typing anything, you'll see the option to "Generate with AI".

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Select the option and type in your prompt. Here are some tips on how to get the best results:

  • Be specific (should it add hashtags, emojis, make a list, etc.)

  • Structure the instruction to keep the model on task

  • Specify the format

When you get a result you can choose to "Accept" it or ask the AI to "Retry". If you accept it, the content will show up in the composer and you can edit it from there as needed.

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Continue a post

If you have an idea or topic in mind, but can't get past the first sentence, let AI build on your text with the "continue" option.

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It will keep your formatting and add to your original text for a lengthier post. When you get a result, you can choose if you want to add the content to your initial post or have the AI retry.

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Generate Caption based on an image or video

You can now generate captions for your posts, based on the media you are using.

Upload your image or video in the composer and click the Generate caption button. AI will generate the text and relevant hashtags for your post based on the media.

If you want to regenerate it, click on retry and once you are happy with the generated caption click on Apply.

Rewrite a post

And lastly, when you already have a post but want to try a different version, ask AI to rewrite it.

This time, in addition to writing your prompt, you'll get 4 predefined ones:

  1. Make it shorter – keep things concise and to the point

  2. Expand concept – rewrite a post to give more context and details

  3. Surprise me – get a new perspective for your posts

  4. Make it punchier – edit the text to ensure it grabs your audience's attention

Once you get a result, you can choose to replace the content with the suggestion or to retry for a different version. Also, Don't forget to rate the response you get with a thumbs up or down:

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