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Understanding what API is and how it affects your scheduling in Planable
Understanding what API is and how it affects your scheduling in Planable
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Before diving into what are the Api specifics regarding every platform that we support we will dive in what is an API.

What is API?

API stand for Application Programming Interface, and it is a sets of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. There are several types of APIs, and they can be categorized based on various criteria. The API type that is of interest for us is the Open API also known as Public API

What is an Open API?

An open API is a public type that can share data openly. Any developer and application can access and use this API, making it easier to set up integrations between the platform and third parties.

Why is this important for you?

All popular social media networks have APIs that developers can use to create social media management tools. You can dig into details on each network’s site for developers:

Planable uses all these API's to connect and publish your content on your favorite platforms.

Unfortunately this implementation also comes with limitations based on the each's platform API specifications.

We will see the most important in the following lines:

LinkedIn API limitations

  • Tagging personal profiles

The LinkedIn API allows tagging only Business/Company profiles.

  • Scheduling and publishing carousel/PDF formats

At the moment, Linkedin did not release scheduling and publishing carousels in the Open API, therefore we do not support it

Facebook API limitations

  • Tagging a person in a photo

You can tag a page by typing "@pagename" (exactly as it is on Facebook), our system will search through all the pages and find yours. Unfortunately, due to Facebook API restrictions, we're unable to tag Facebook Profiles.

  • Tagging a product

At this time tagging product in on Facebook posts is not supported by the API

  • Adding a location

You can add a location to your post directly on Facebook.

  • Facebook groups

It's possible to schedule/publish content only from users, not pages.

  • Exporting multi-image posts in advance

Due to Facebook’s API, multi-image posts can’t be exported in advance, so you cannot apply particular edits to the posts, as it’s possible only directly on Facebook, ahead of time.

  • Facebook Personal Profile

Starting from August 1st, 2018, publishing to Facebook profiles via third-party apps has been suspended by Facebook

Instagram API limitations

  • Instagram Direct Publishing

  • Instagram Stories publishing

Due to Instagram’s API limitations, users cannot add texts, stickers, music, locations, and other features when using the Direct Publishing method for Instagram Stories in Planable

And Direct publishing to Stories is only available for business accounts.

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